I just picked up Music Pro Book and it is great! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and experience with the drum community!

Bobby Angilletta

Thank you Garrett! Currently reading the book and can't put it down. I love it. A ton of great info. You did one hell of a job!

Tanner Siegfort

I just wanted to say thanks for making such an awesome product available for up and comers. I just moved to Nashville about 3 months ago and am looking for that "big break." Definitely the most helpful and realistic thing I've read on the subject.

Zac Myers

I actually decided to move (to Nashville) as a result of reading your Music Pro Book. Great info sir!!

Stephen Keith

Thank you so much! I had to read it twice and I enjoyed it!

Mike Lester

Just bought your book... Read the whole thing. Great stuff Garrett!

Kirk Barkley

Bought the book! Phenomenal!

Michael Garr