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Drum Clinic Tour

Wow. Thank you to all who have come out to my recent drum clinics.They have gone above and beyond what I expected, and I can't thank you guys enough for your help in making them such a success. With that in mind, I am excited to announce that I'm kicking off a drum clinic tour! Below is a list of the dates and cities. If you would like more information or to reserve a spot, email 


Musician Clinic w/ Jimmy Herman- January 25th Nashville

I'm happy to announce that fellow bandmate Jimmy Herman and I are partnering up to host a Musicians Clinic Sunday, January 25th here in Nashville. Both Jimmy and I are currently touring musicians for Carrie Underwood, and we are excited to be sharing our passion for music one-on-one with those that are interested in pursing careers in music. The clinic is open for those who play drums, guitar, fiddle and mandolin.

Please email for more details and to book your spot today. 


What I'm Listening to This Week - December 12

There's always a plethora of really good, new music that comes out right around the holidays, and this year is no exception.  I've got Ryan Adams' self titled record on repeat this week.  He can do no wrong, and I'm loving the killer collection of tracks with a very old school electric guitar sound. "Kimberly" and "Shadows" are amazing. Also awesome is Bears Den "Islands."  Cheerful and profound, the London-based trio has taken cues from the likes of folk-rockers Mumford and Sons and The Avett Brothers yet have created something all their own.  Check out "Above the Clouds of Pompeil" and "Love We Stole." Hippo Campus nails it with "Bashful Creatures," on which the young band makes me feel all summery in the middle of winter.  This is a great one to just groove to.  Last this week, Brooklyn transplants to Nashville, Wild Cub's debut record "Youth" has been one of my favorite albums of the year. "Thunder Clutter," "Drive," "Streetlights," and "Windows" are all amazing songs. If you don't know these guys yet, be sure to give them a listen!


Christmas Wishlist // Leather Goods

I can’t get enough truly quality goods this year, and there is nothing like the lifestyle durability and class of REAL quality leather goods. These are the top 5 things I can’t put down or can’t wait to get for Christmas. Maybe you can add these to your Christmas list, too.

BROS LEATHER // The Emerson Backpack

This was the first thing on my list. I have been wanting this backpack for longer than i can remember.  I am beyond pumped to get it. As much as I travel, it will come in handy to hold a laptop and so much more.


LOYAL STRICKLIN // The Aviator Mug

I haven’t put this down since i bought it. I use it every morning when I’m home, and with all the traveling I do I take it everywhere with me because something about it makes me feel like I’m back home. 

ALLSAINTS // Kushiro Leather Biker Jacket

I just got this jacket this week while in NYC, then flew back to florida to 70 degree weather and I still don’t want to take it off.

'Nuff said.

WOODNSTEEL // Hawthorn Knife 

A handmade every day knife with a hand sewn leather belt sheath?  This is for sure on my wish list.  With a steel blade and rosewood handle, you won't find a more beautiful - or practical - knife.

ALLSAINTS // Snare Boots

In bespoke nappa leather, the hand-finished Snare boots from ALLSAINTS are a classic style with a bit of toughened aesthetic.  Open Christmas morning and wear all year round.

What I'm Listening to This Week

This week's collection of tunes includes some really killer albums that cover a variety of different sounds. The first record - Red Velvet Snow Ball  - is the awesome sophomore album of Pepper Rabbit. For fans of the indie-pop genre, you will definitely not be disappointed.  I've also been really digging Sylvan Esso's self-titled debut album. This record is just a really great collection of music to hang to. Jake Bugg does an excellent job on his debut album as well. Some of my favorite tracks include "Trouble Town" and "Lightning Bolt."  Last this week, give a listen to Blue Planet Eyes from The Preatures. This band does an awesome job of capturing that signature classic retro sound; The entire album is definitely worth a listen.


Announcing Loyal Stricklin Partnership

I'm honored and really excited to announce a new partnership with handcrafted leather goods brand Loyal Stricklin! Here's a snippet from the official announcement.  Big things are coming with these guys!

"A touring musician with Carrie Underwood for nearly eight years, Garrett Goodwin appreciates that Loyal Stricklin’s line of products can not only be used on the road but can resist the wear and tear of constant travel.  “I am a huge fan of handcrafted, quality products,” says Goodwin. “And even better when the company was started from nothing but passion.”  As a drummer, Goodwin recognises the force that drive independent craftsmen, making this an ideal partnership for many reasons.  Big things are in the works between the two brands.

Loyal Stricklin is a company based out of a train depot in Opelika, Alabama, where quality and community take priority over mass produced products. The brand carries fine quality leather goods such as wallets and beautifully crafted rucksacks. Their rustic roots and commitment to excellence make them some of the finest craftsmen Alabama has to offer."

Visit for more info.


What I'm Listening to This Week

Music is one of the few things that has the power to work every part of your brain at the same time. I love utilizing the power of music to help spark my creativity or even a certain mood, thought or feeling. So many different songs have the ability to inspire, so here's what I'm listing to this week.

The first album is Sadnesscessary, which is the debut album from Milky Chance. They are an awesome alternative pop folk rock duo from Germany. The songs on the record are really uniquely amazing. I especially am digging “Stunner”, “Fairytale”, and “Stolen Dance.” The next album is Complete Surrender by Slowclub. This is the band's newest album, released just this past July. I really like the direction that they took on this album, especially in “Tears of Joy” and “Wander Wandering.” Bahamas’ record Barchords is another stand-out. Afie Jurvanen crushed it on this sophomore album released in 2012. Every song is worth listening to - a killer album. Lastly, Poolside, with Pacific Standard Time. The feelings generated from this album are ridiculous - definitely a killer album to have on in the background of your day. 


The GOOD Life: New York

I am lucky to get to travel a lot of different places, and New York is definitely one of the best. Last weekend we played the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, and while I was there a visited a few of my favorite NYC spots.  

Here are a couple of things I especially like to do in New York:

First of all the best thing to do is put on headphones and just walk... It is the most unreal experience to just observe the city.  And of course, there are so many great restaurants and hang outs that you could never run out of places to check out. Halal stands (street meat) is some of the most amazing food. For Thai food a there's a place called Room Service; They have the best curry you have ever had. There is a taco place called Blockheads where you can sit outdoors, and the food is awesome. There's a dessert place in Soho is called "Rice to Riches" where they serve rice pudding, which sounded gross to me the first time but is truly one of the greatest things ever! 

There is something about being in Manhattan and taking the subway to Brooklyn or Queens... there is always a humm, a noise in Manhattan, but as soon as you come up from the ground in Brooklyn there is almost an eerie peace. There are so many street markets and amazing flea markets in Brooklyn as well as on the Lower East Side. Another thing I love is going to the High Line, an old railroad track that is elevated above the city, and it is the most amazing place to go walk or sit or grab food. 

Central Park is like a beach in the summer with people laying out all day. They basically go there on there lunch breaks, take off their suits and lay out, then put there suits back on and go to work. Central Park is rad cause you can walk forever and always seem to find something new. One year for New Years we went into the Park and found a huge rock where no one else was. A bunch of us sat around and watched a fireworks show.  Off in the distance you could hear the roar from Times Square, yet it was so peaceful where we were. 

Check out some pictures from recent trips to New York.


In-Studio Recording

In my opinion, drumheads are the most vital part of a drum. The wood, the thickness of the shell, and its size are all important, but tuning and controlling the sound from the heads is the most important. It can be very difficult to get all the aspects under control; With all the different heads, snare wires, cymbals and mics around, every noise you make on a drum kit it will inevitably create a reaction somewhere else. All drummers will have battled at some time or another with excessive ring and overtones when recording. These problems can be very frustrating because you're going to hear every little thing, so as it is important to get things right while playing live, the studio is that much more tedious.


Although you can choose mics and processors to shape the sound of a drum, my main focus is to allow the drums to retain as much of their 'natural' and intended sound as possible. There are numerous external damping devices on the market, I think it is preferable to minimise the need for these. By damping the sound, you'll tend to reduce the quality of tone. I will say if you haven’t checked out you for sure should, they are amazing at getting control of the sound of the drum but keeping its natural tones.

Questions about drum recording?  Leave a comment below, or sign up for a Mentor Session here.


YOUR Story


I'll be honest with you: I don't really love talking about myself.  But I have a passion for helping people to reach their dreams because I know first hand that it takes perseverance, heart, and all the helping hands you can get.  The guiding information I have to share are the things I wish I had been taught when I first started out on this wild and exciting ride.

That's what The Mentor Session Live is for.  Music business hopefuls, aspiring musicians, and even just the curious alike can come together to chat with me and our M.C. for the evening, Miss Tennessee USA 2013 Brenna Mader, who is all at once smart, charming, and really funny.  I can't wait to hear each of your stories and goals just as much as I hope you're looking forward to hearing what I have to give.  

So come out and join us for a really memorable evening.  I'm looking forward to getting to know each of you, and being part of your story.