What I'm Listening to This Week

Music is one of the few things that has the power to work every part of your brain at the same time. I love utilizing the power of music to help spark my creativity or even a certain mood, thought or feeling. So many different songs have the ability to inspire, so here's what I'm listing to this week.

The first album is Sadnesscessary, which is the debut album from Milky Chance. They are an awesome alternative pop folk rock duo from Germany. The songs on the record are really uniquely amazing. I especially am digging “Stunner”, “Fairytale”, and “Stolen Dance.” The next album is Complete Surrender by Slowclub. This is the band's newest album, released just this past July. I really like the direction that they took on this album, especially in “Tears of Joy” and “Wander Wandering.” Bahamas’ record Barchords is another stand-out. Afie Jurvanen crushed it on this sophomore album released in 2012. Every song is worth listening to - a killer album. Lastly, Poolside, with Pacific Standard Time. The feelings generated from this album are ridiculous - definitely a killer album to have on in the background of your day. 


Garrett GoodwinComment